I began my love of photography when I was given a purple, 110mm LeClic on my 8th birthday; I thought I was so cool! From that point on I almost always had a camera by my side. I took photography classes at summer camp, high school, and continued them at the Rochester Institute of Technology where I graduated with a BFA in Photo Illustration. Immediately after graduation I was fortunate to get an awesome job at Popular Photography magazine. I spent three wonderful years there and left when it was time to pursue my passion further and shoot for myself. I have been in business photographing people in the New York and New England regions for over 20 years, and my love of photography has taken me all over the globe to Australia, Japan, and Italy to name a few. I specialize in birth to one year photography and love working with so many different growing families. I'm seen here with the best running buddy a girl could ask for. When I'm not running and working, I'm acting as chauffeur to my two adorable kids.